Village Issues

Our Priorities

The tax burden on the working families of this community are too high. By taking steps now to implement a sensible long term plan, improve our infrastructure, taking advantage of missed resources and making our village government responsive, we can make Lindenhurst thrive for generations to come.

A Real Long Term Plan

Lindenhurst can effectively compete with other area communities if we start making the improvements that will attract business while maintaining our excellent small town uniqueness and style. Lindenhurst lacks an identifiable downtown. Placing sidewalks along key areas such as Sand Lake Rd, attracting retailers including shops, restaurants and entertainment as well as providing parking space, will make Lindenhurst a place where people visit. Our solid vision will make a real difference.

Taking the Burden Off of Working Families

Lindenhurst's tax burden falls on working families, and it's not fair or sustainable. Expanding our tax base by fostering a healthy business climate will serve to lower the property taxes that we hard working families pay. This is not only the right thing to do, it is an absolute necessity.

Getting Our Fair Share

The current administration has consistently missed corporate and government grants that are designed to help communities like ours grow and make improvements. Village leadership has not applied and as a result, we have been missing out on a substantial amount of support annually. When the Village neglects to go after every dollar available to it, the taxpayers are forced to make up for it in taxes and water bill fees. As individuals we contribute to this pool of resources through taxes and purchases. Our team will ensure we go after every available dollar so we get what we are owed.

It All Starts April 2nd

In office, our team will bring together our community, state and local government as well as stakeholders in the business community to make Lindenhurst an outstanding community for generations to come. Your vote matters and your vote directly translates to implementing change starting immediately. Together we’ll put Lindenhurst on the right track.