Trak Patel for Lindenhurst Trustee

About Trak Patel

Trak Patel is a proud Lindenhurst resident of seventeen years. He loves the small town feel and appreciates the warmth and friendliness of his neighbors. Along with his wife Ruchi and teenage daughter, there is no other place he’d rather call home.

Trak's career in business is varied and highly accomplished. He has expertise in areas including accounting, finance, tax, governance, and risk & compliance. He founded ARCC Consulting and served in upper management roles at worldwide multi-billion dollar corporations. Trak understands the intricacies of large businesses as well as the challenge faced by small business. During his career, he has developed very substantial strategic initiatives and brought them all of the way through implementation.

In its essence, Trak understands needs, develops plans and brings stakeholders together. He has been doing it for his entire career. He has unique and valuable ability towards moving the Village of Lindenhurst forward.

Trak has served the Board of Education Millburn District 24 as secretary, enjoys attending Lindenfest with his family, and being part of our community.