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Lindenhurst United For Change Announces Run


Lindenhurst – Announced today is the formation of Lindenhurst United for Change 2019, a slate of candidates for the Village of Lindenhurst. The slate is composed of Ryan Brandes for Mayor along with Stacey Kramer, Trak Patel and Cassandra Slade each of whom are running for Trustee.

The group sees strong opportunity for the village and has a vision that will put Lindenhurst on a solid growth trajectory. Their long term plan is founded on making key infrastructure improvements and bringing stake holders together in order to secure new commercial and retail ventures, expanding the tax base in the process. “The burden on working families is excessive and we need to change this,” says Ryan Brandes. “We owe it to the residents of our community to take a pro-active approach and our plan will make Lindenhurst strong for generations to come,” added Trak Patel.

The team will also make certain that Lindenhurst gets its fair share of grants for expansion and improvements. “There is a lot that we are missing out on and once in office, we’ll make sure that we bring financing for our community,” says Casandra Slade. They are also dedicated to increasing transparency, streamlining local government and making sound financial decisions. “As a team, we will make a real difference for our community,” said Stacey Kramer.

The members of the slate are long time Lindenhurst residents who have a long history of serving the community. More can be read on their website,